1. I’m inaugurating this blog with the news that I am starting my travelling adventures at last! 

    I have travelled before, to England to visit family, to Norway, because I had a boyfriend there, but it never really felt like it counted. 

    In England I’d just see my relatives, and in Norway much the same, it was never really a holiday in another country as much , visiting my boyfriends house. I just happened to have to catch a plane instead of a bus. 

    It’s different now anyway, I’m travelling with friends, it’s a whole new experience! 

    So anyway, I’m going to Newcastle and Edinburgh in the winter!! I’m going with my best friend Lara and her boyfriend Dan and a couple that are friends of theirs and I have relatively recently just met but they seem absolutely awesome and I am . so . excited. :D 

    I’m making this blog primarily as a way to keep everyone I love, and all those who fret about me gallivanting around the world updated, but also as an excuse to take amazing photographs and brag about where I’ve been mouahaha

    We have other trips in the pipeline too, we’re going to go all over. Just you wait. 

     - Mandy xx


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